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Envision Editing is directed by Glenine Hamlyn AE*.

*AE: Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors Ltd (IPEd)

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No doubt you want the best results, whether you are writing an academic text, a presentation, a report, a novel or short story, website content or a newsletter.

So what are 'best results'?

When you communicate effectively, your readers understand exactly what you mean. They want to keep reading because your writing is clear and attractive. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation are impeccable. Readers can easily follow the logic of your arguments, or the lines of your plot, because your text is well structured and, where appropriate, signposted with suitable headings. The style and language of your writing are exactly right for your intended readers, and the text is optimally integrated into the overall design of the publication or website, together with any visual elements.

Let an experienced editor with a love of language help you to communicate effectively, whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction.

Is your first language something other than English? Don't worry. You can still write well in English - with the help of a good editor. In particular, Envision Editing has worked with many texts written in English by German speakers and understands the pitfalls a German speaker may encounter. Envision Editing also offers translation of German texts into English.

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